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Marc Capdeville, Hillrom Pluvigner site lead & Gwenaël Perhirin, France Director of Makurazaki shared their experience of setting up in Bretagne. They both highlighted the positive conditions offered by the region : the importance of the network in Bretagne, committed, motivated and highly skilled people, great quality of life. The exchange with participants was very rich.

Introduction to Agri tech & Food tech sectors in Bretagne

Bretagne is a French and European leader in agriculture and agri-food sector by remaining constantly at the forefront of technology and research. The regional agency Bretagne Development Innovation outlined Agretic programme which main goal is to develop cross sectoral Digital – agri agro/ projects always starting with a field problematic and leading to innovative solutions. Eg : Tibot, pioneer in poultry robotics, Kemtag : an odometre 4.0.

Introduction to E-health & Biotech sectors in Bretagne

Bretagne’s Health Technology and Innovation Centre ID2 Santé introduced the French healthcare sector to foreign companies attending the Open de l’International. This was the occasion to introduce Bretagne’s significant contribution to the French health industry : a rich blue biotech sector, one of the most dynamic e-Health ecosystem (health imaging, connected medical devices, health data management, …), and a high level of research & education supporting the development of these areas.

Introduction to Renewable energies & Smartgrid sectors in Bretagne

Bretagne is now at the forefront of the Marine Renewable Energies initiatives in France, and home to the French programme for smart grids technologies development. During the Open de l’International, the regional agency Bretagne Development Innovation introduced the Bretagne Ocean Power and SMILE (Smart Grids) programmes to foreign companies interested in contributing to the local ecosystems.