Kuntal Desai


Animé par Kuntal Desai

[1er juillet 2024]
10h - 10h45
Theme: Réunion d'information - Inde : défis et opportunités

Parcours et expérience

With over 35 years experience in various sectors and positions in organizations in India with multi-national companies, Kuntal DESAI brings to the proceedings his vast experience and attention to detail in doing business in India.

He worked with Unilever in a Managerial position at the start of his career, before becoming the Managing Director of Patak’s in India and then moving on to establish Kuntal Consulting Private Limited in 2007, dedicated to assisting international companies in India in various sectors and activities.

Kuntal Consulting is focussed on assisting French and Bretagne companies in India in the areas of :

  • Discovery Missions on specific businesses as a start to their India activity
  • Business specific market surveys and identification of key players and issues
  • Company and organization formations and structuring
  • Assistance in partnership / acquisitions in India
  • Sourcing and factory inspections for textiles, chemicals, organic and other ingredients
  • Distributor search and negotiations for sales in India
  • Acting as Director in India as required by statutory regulations
  • Legal and Regulatory assistance
  • Negotiations as required for various activities and issues in India with Private business and Government  organizations
  • Portage

Key clients in the past and/or present include Michelin, Renault, Max Sauer, Kerlink, Eurovanille, Axiom, Novogen, Bernard Controls, Montagut, Ecodis

His other passions and interests are painting and bird photography.